Our Mission

Continuously Improving

To provide best-in-class, results-oriented physical therapy focused on the overall patient experience, teamwork and continuous improvement.

Our Vision

Patients First

  • Being the patient’s advocate throughout the entire physical therapy process
  • Leading clinical quality and outcomes
  • Recognized workers’ compensation and work hardening / conditioning program
  • Friendly and cohesive work environment
  • Continuously improving the patient experience
  • Employer of choice in our area

Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction

Superior Outcomes

Patient clinical outcomes are the highest focus for us at Access Group Physical Therapy. As a result, our clinicians will promote a healing, patient-focused environment. To ensure this, we will closely track patient outcomes and we will use these measurements to continually improve the patient experience. In addition, we will work with our patients and their entire clinical care team to help them heal faster and reduce the risk of re-injury.

Physical Therapy

Getting you better, faster

Our talented clinicians are trained to treat a wide range of physical conditions. In particular, we have a deep focus on treating injured workers, sports injuries and orthopedic cases. In addition, our physical therapists are certified and state licensed, undergoing an accredited academic program and various clinical rotations. We hire motivated, energetic therapists that focus on getting you better, faster. Please view all of our physical therapy service offerings here.

Workers’ Compensation and
Work Hardening / Conditioning Program

Your advocate and champion

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Access Group Physical Therapy can help to ensure that you are physically ready to return to work with a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE). This is a clinically developed, objective evaluation that measures an injured worker’s physical capabilities and determines the level of participation and activity that is right for the patient while limiting their risk of re-injury.

Workers’ Compensation

We realize that the entire workers’ compensation process can be confusing and sometimes troubling. With this in mind, our trained staff will act as your patient advocate to help guide you through the entire process. If helpful, we can work directly with your physician, case manager and employer so that you can focus on getting better.

Work Hardening / Conditioning

Our work hardening / conditioning program is an intense, strength training focused program. To speed the recovery process, patients will attend for several hours per day, 3-5 days per week. This is typically done in a group setting and we will incorporate outcomes-based rehabilitation in a strength-training environment. Our program includes:

• Stretching and cardiovascular training
• Strength and conditioning training
• Work conditioning and simulation

Upon completion of our program, our goal is that our patients return to work faster, lower their risk of re-injury and get in the best shape of their lives.