Sprain, Strain and Fractures

Athletic injuries happen daily, in fact 78% of athletes under the age of 22 will experience one or more injuries in their sports career.  In addition to traditional athletes, most people remain an athlete throughout their lifetime as an industrial athlete working in heavy demand jobs, weekend warriors through organized adult recreation or simply participating in regular physical activity or caretaking for friends and family members.

Injuries are nearly a certainty at some point throughout our lifetime.  The standard conception of a sports injury is a big hit on the football field or an ACL tear on the basketball court.  However, according to the Journal of Sports Medicine the most common injuries are sprains, strains and stress fractures and these can happen at any time.

A sprain is the overstretching or tearing of ligaments which are the dense fibrous connective tissues connecting bone to bone.

A strain is the overstretching or microtearing of muscle fibers or muscle tendons which connect muscle to bone.

A stress fracture is an overuse injury that fatigues the muscle transferring stresses to the bone that over time causes a small fracture.

It is very important to have any of these three types of injuries evaluated right away by a physical therapist to avoid further injury. Sprains, strains and stress fractures, though seemingly minor can have a major impact on function and quality of life.  After the initial injury implement RICE- Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.  It is important to have your injury evaluated to ensure fast and correct healing.  Research shows a greater than 50% recurrence rate for ankle sprains, groin strains and hamstring strains and the primary cause was incorrect healing after the initial injury.  Your doctor will likely refer you to physical therapy and in Minnesota there is direct access, so you can see a physical therapist without a doctor’s order saving you time and money.

Access Group Physical Therapy has many convenient and unique services to help you heal fast, conveniently and effectively.  We offer complimentary injury screenings onsite or via telerehabiliation using electronic means to triage your injury as well as evidence-based care to maximize healing and function at affordable rates.

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